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The dark corner of the Lj music sharing world...

...goth, industrial, synth, trades.

Goth and such music trades...
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I'm in quite a few different communites for trading and sharing good music. Problem is, I see too much a theme in them. I.E. most of them are mainly sharing indie music...which is fine.
But, the livejournal community needed a change.

This community is for less mainstream.

&dagger More goth. &dagger

&dagger Darkwave. &dagger

&dagger Industrial. &dagger

&dagger Electronica. &dagger

&dagger Synth. &dagger
Anything in these genres that are not normally mainstreamed and alloted radio time.

Rules for the community.

1. HIM is not goth, industrial, or anything that is to be shared on this community. No offense to those of you that like them, but I personally, think they such. Being that this is my community...I win. :-P

2. If any questions, feel free to IM me at the above screennames on either yahoo or AIM, or to comment me in my actual journal my_sympathy

3. No full albums, preferrably. I know some of these bands or genres may be difficult to dind in stores or online, but please do try. If really desperate, I am sure that somebody would be more than glad to help. :-)

4. YouSendIt is a godsend for transferring files. Sometimes it likes to be a fucking cunt, and not work, but for the most part, works quite well.
Check it out. Use it. Spread the music.

5. And enjoy, most of all, what people have to offer. Don't be afraid to ask. The internet is a huge place. Somebody has the song you are looking for.

One of our sister communities is music_pirates. Yet another....specifically aimed towards EBM and industrial!
Check them out as well!

45 grave, alice cooper, alien sex fiend, android lust, apoptygma berzerk, assemblage 23, bauhaus, beborn beton, bela lugosi, bella morte, bile, blutengel, cat rapes dog, corsets, cruxshadows, cut.rate.box., cybergoth, dance or die, danzig, darkwave, dead can dance, decoded feedback, diary of dreams, die form, die laughing, diemonsterdie, dir en grey, downloading, droom, drum and bass, dubok, dystopia, electronica, faith and the muse, faithless, fields of the nephilim, file sharing, front 242, frontline assembly, funker vogt, god module, goldfrapp, goth, gothabilly, gridlock, hanzel und gretyl, happy hardcore, haujobb, house, hungry lucy, imogen heap, in strict confidence, industrial, informatik, killing joke, kmfdm, kompressor, l'ame immortelle, laibach, leather strip, leatherstrip, london after midnight, love spirals downwards, lunachicks, marilyn manson, mdfmk, ministry, misfits, morrissey, mp3's, music, music sharing, new order, nine inch nails, nozzle, ohgr, piercings, pigface, pirating music, project pitchfork, punish yourself, rammstein, rasputina, seabound, sex gang children, sharing, sheep on drugs, siouxie and the banshees, sisters of mercy, skinny puppy, slaves on dope, stromkern, suicide commando, switchblade symphony, symbiont, synth, tarmvred, techno, the azoic, the cruxshadows, the cure, the legendary pink dots, the misfits, the smiths, the velvet underground, theatre of tragedy, thoushaltnot, thrill kill kult, throbbing gristle, tones on tail, trance, type o negative, unto ashes, velvet acid christ, virgin prunes, vnv nation, voltaire, wumpscut